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InfoShop is the technical support division of Busted Networks Ltd. and we are primarily product users not developers. However, we thought we might share some scripts along the way and would be happy to accept feedback or code contributions that aid the system administrator.

 We cannot provide support for these scripts but if you wish to contact us with feedback or contributions please email support@bustednetworks.com

Backup script for Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003 server products

This script utilises ntbackup.exe, the backup product that ships with the Windows Operating System, but provides better resilience and reporting in automated environments than the bare backup program itself. It covers the file system, system state, Exchange and Sharepoint. More detailed logging than the ntbackup and the results and logs are delivered by email. Get the script here and the (brief) documentation here.

Summary of features

  • All configuration information contained in the script itself
  • Backup to tape or disk
  • Uses Microsoft's rsm.exe to manage tape drive and media
  • Individual backup sets for file system, Microsoft Exchange IS and system state
  • Sharepoint databases backed up to file and can be included in the file system backup set
  • Creates a single text log from each of the ntbackup logs
  • Creates an xml format log of the operations
  • Emails both logs to a configured recipients
  • Covers most requirements for standard Microsoft SBS configuration, Windows file/print servers and can be used on Windows XP to backup workstations


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