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We can offer business our range of support packages which cater for business' with no internal IT staff or expertise through to those with internal IT and need technical backup. In addition we can provide on site staff at the times you need, in the SMB market there are times when there is a need for part time experienced technical staff.

Our basic 'Startup' package, for an annual fee, provides customers with technical support via telephone, email or fax, and attractive rates for on site or remote support. This type of support is also ideal for those businesses who have a member of staff providing IT support as a secondary role to their main task within the company. These staff can often feel isolated and lost when confronted with new IT problems and no one to turn to. For them often a call to our support line is all that is required to sort out the problem. And when your in-house support staff are on holiday or sick, you have the comfort of being able to call on us if needed.

Many small businesses have no in-house IT support at all and staff are left to struggle on relying on knowledge built up on their PCs at home or worse just not knowing what is going on. Compared with the costs of the time spent by staff on IT issues, the  time lost from their primary role, and of course the cost of repairing the frequent 'problems' caused, the 'Silver' support package proves a real cost benefit.
The 'Silver' package provides all the benefits of the 'Startup' package above, but in addition provides all your network administration - managing security, user accounts, email, updating and patching, remote access etc. Remote access allows us to do all these things and help out on user desktop issues without requiring a site visit, to the customer this results in quicker responses and lower bills.

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  Startup Silver Gold Platinum
Telephone / Email / Fax support
Return to depot support  √  √  √
On site hardware support1  
Swap out server replacement      
On site response (hours)   12 8 4
Remote dial in server support  
Remote dial in workstation support  
Annual Server Service    
Annual check of cabling      √  √
Monthly report     
Monthly analysis    
Inclusive support hours   2 4 8
Rollover unused hours      
Server Administration  
Apply server service packs  
Update firewalls      
Report network overload      
Report network misuse    
Report external attack    
Report monthly hacks    
Advice on new equipment
1/4 yearly meeting to review       
Network documentation      
Maintaining domain records2


1. Labour only.
2. Applies to domains registered through Busted Networks with records hosted on Busted Networks name servers.


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