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Print Servers

Print Server

A print server is a device for connecting printers to networks with the purpose of allowing the printers to be used by many users.
Unlike printer switch boxes, which are simply a convenient way of quickly moving the cable from PC to PC, a print server in conjunction with a file server allows true mult-user access.
The print server operates by working with a print queue on a file server, as users print from their workstations the prints are sent to the end of the print queue on the file server. While this process of queuing continues, the print server takes the prints from the front of the queue and prints them out.

This process has many advantages:

  • Avoids users having to compete for printer time.
  • Printing from the workstation happens at network speed not the relatively slow speed of a printer.
  • Prints can be queued whether the printer is online or not.
  • Queue management allows prints to be held for printing later - for instance time shift large print jobs out of office hours and get more productivity out of your printers.
  • Mix different workstation and file server operating systems and network protocols, often simultaneously.

A wide range of print servers are available to meet specific needs, all of which can be configured to your requirements. Full networked print systems can be configured for you, either using your existing network resources or as part of your specifications for an InfoShop network project.

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