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Updated: Aug 2016

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New low cost broadband bundles
(Jan 2016:source: Zen Internet)
Zen Interent's new range of broadband bundles – which include two unlimited usage packages – combine the high speeds and multi award-winning customer service usually associated with the brand, but come with more competitive price tags. Call Busted Networks on 01243 553251.

Upto 45% leased line price reductions
(July 2014:source: Busted Networks)
Our leased line prices have been reduced by up to 45%, starting at  less than 400 per month. Zen, our supplier, has invested over 4m in its core infrastructure over the last year to increase its local exchange Points of Presence (PoPs).

ADSL usage allowance increases
(Nov 2013:source: Zen Internet)
Monthly data allowances on ADSL accounts will be increased on 1st December 2013.

New Fibre products
(Nov 2013:source: Busted Networks)
Two new Fibre connection products have been released, "Unlimited Fibre 1" (upto 38Mbps download) and "Unlimited Fibre 2" (upto 76Mbps download), both as the names suggest had no monthly download limits.

FTTC installation price cut
(Jul 2013:source: Busted Networks)
The installation cost for our Fibre To The Cabinet product  has been cut to 40 (ex VAT).

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Draytek VDSL products pass BT's tests
(Jul 2016:source: Draytek)
Dratek confirm all of their current range of VDSL products have passed BT's SIN498 MCT tests and are therefore approved for connecting to BT supplied VDSL lines.

Trend Micro HES server changes
(Apr 2016:source: Busted Networks)
Trend Micro is making changes to its HES servers (Europe), if you limit incoming emails to these servers you must update your rules soon, see your  HES console.

Trend Micro WFBS 9 SP2 available
(Apr 2016:source: Busted Networks)
Service Pack 2 for  Trend Micro's Worry Free Business Security if now available on the Trend site.

Java browser plugin retirement plan
(Jan 2016:source: BBC)
Oracle are planning to deprecate the browser plugin in the next version of Java (9).

Windows 10 released
(Jul 2015:source: BBC)
Microsoft release their latest OS, as a free update to the versions 7, and 8.

Trend Micro WFBS version 9 available
(April 2014:source: Busted Networks)
Trend Micro Worry Free Busines Security version 9 is now available. Call sales on 01243 553251 for details and pricing.

Red Earth Policy Patrol upgrade
(Oct 2013:source: Busted Networks)
Policy Patrol version 9 is now available for download

Cloud based mail, calendars and contacts
(March 2013:source: Busted Networks)
Cloud based mail,calendar and contacts, based on hosted Microsoft Exchange are now available from Busted Networks.

Datwyler to buy Premier Farnell
(Jun 2016:source: BBC)
Raspberry Pi maker and distributor, Premier Farnell, is being bought by Swiss company Datwyler.

Microsoft to buy LinkedIn
(Jun 2016:source: BBC)
Microsoft  is reported to be buying the professional networking site for 18bn

Apple $450m fine
(Mar 2016:source: The Register)
The US Supreme Court has decided not to allow Apple to appeal the fine that was given to them  in 2013.

Ray Tomlinson, email,inventor dies
(Mar 2016:source: BBC)
The man said to have invented email has died at the age of 74.

UK online spending up 16%
(Dec 2013:source: BBC)
OFCOM reports that average UK online spending rose by 16% per person on the year in 2012.

Norman Joseph Woodland dies
(Dec 2012:source: BBC )
Co-inventor of the barcode, Norman Joseph Woodland, has died aged 91 in New Jersey, USA.

OFT tells retailers to change their website
(Oct 2012:source: BBC )
The OFT reports that over a third of retailer sites it checked did not comply with consumer law. It has asked the offenders to change their web sites before Christmas.

Sage hit by data breach
(Aug 2016:source: BBC)
Software company Sage an internal login account has been used to access customer data in an unauthorised manner.

Windows users should uninstall QuickTime
(Apr 2016:source: The Register)
Apple have announced it is 'depracting support' for QuickTime for Windows and will no fix flaws in the product. For security reasons customers are advised to uninstall the product.

1-2-3 Reg customer web sites deleted
(Apr 2016:source: BBC)
123-Reg web hosting customers should check their sites are up and running, a maintenance routine by the hosting company has deleted a number of customer sites.

Ransomware hits Apple platform
(Mar 2016:source: BBC)
It has bee reported that ransomware has recently successfully targeted Apple Macs for the first time.

Amazon u-turn over removed security
(Mar 2016:source: BBC)
Amazon, who recently removed disk encryption from it's tablet 'Fire' OS has pledged to restore it in the future after critism of the move.

North Dorset council hit by Ransomware
(Mar 2016:source: The Register)
North Dorset Coucil, hit by a ransomware virus, have refuses to pay and is helping police track the perpetrators.

5 Raspberry Pi
(Jan 2016:source: raspberry pi)
The RaspberryPi organisation recently released a cutdown low cost version of their small single board computer for around the 5 mark.

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